IKEA has a lot of veggie and vegan menus!
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IKEA has a lot of veggie and vegan menus!
Vegetarian 2021.8.15

♪日本語のページはこちら♪ IKEA has a lot of plant-based menus now.

I thought it was temporary, but it's been a year and a half since I shared Veggie Dog on Twitter, so it's been on the regular menu for two years now. There are more types, so it seems that you will be able to eat more stably from now on. How wonderful! !!

There aren't many stores nationwide, and I'm about 10km away from my house, so I can't go there very often, but if I go to Minami-Funabashi, there's everything like LaLaport and grilled meat, so I go out for exercise. Is just right for you.
※ If I go by train, I have the option of going to the Misato store, but I'm not interested in Costco, so I would go Lake Town in Koshigaya.

IKEA's eating and drinking corner has a restaurant and a bistro .
The restaurant has a style of taking the food you want to line up with a tray and paying at the cashier, and you can sit in a large seat and eat. (School cafeteria style?) The bistro is like fast food, so you can buy a ticket and exchange it for food at the counter. Since seats are limited, you may stand at the counter to eat. (Standing soba style?) This is a part of the bistro menu taken in March 2020. (It's 80 yen now)

At that time, it wasn't clear whether it was vegan or vegetarian. At the time of shooting, it was written under the veggie dog that "we use milk and eggs", but my friend said at the Tachikawa store that veggie dogs are not made of animals, so 6 When I went to check it again in the month, this description was gone! I thought it was a veggie dog and a vegan, but when I looked at the back, it said that it contained eggs and milk because the buns were on sale at the food market. It seems that the description is about contamination, but at that time it was quite ambiguous lol.

After that, the menu display was divided into plant-based and veggie. This is easy to understand♪ Lasagna is vegan and veggie dog is vegetarian. However, this cheese dog's cheese is plant-based, so It's a regrettable not to change the buns to make it vegan.

Well then, I don't know if it will be helpful, but I will introduce the menu I actually ate!
V A plant ball that is satisfying for meat lovers! 8 pieces \ 499
Unlike veggie balls, it's like meatballs with almost no vegetable-like texture. It's Swedish style to eat mashed potatoes and lingonberry jam together. It's very delicious! Highly recommended! But I don't need 8 (laughs) I want to share other things because I want to eat them.

V VEGGIE SAUSAGE WRAP SANDWICH \ 200 (it's bistro depending on the store)
The balance of carbohydrates, vegetables and meat was good, and the seasoning was very delicious with some spices working! It's delicious even when it's cold, so I wish I could buy it for lunch and go to the office ... (It's not open in the morning)

This cutlet seems to be different from plant balls and veggie sausages, so it was hard and not good. It may depend on the store. Curry was normal :P Cocoichi is more delicious. Menchi-katsu is also delicious here.

V Flying Jacob based on plant \ 499
It's a mysterious menu, but when I looked it up, it seems that it's a dish that is usually made in Sweden.Bananas, chili sauce, cream, peanuts ...! !! It's a combination that Japanese people would never think of. It was so delicious and I was surprised! !! !! Next time, I want to imitate it.

Jacob is a limited-time menu.
There were other salads and other plant-based menus that weren't on the website. I have to go to this regularly! !!

There is a plant-based soft ice cream in the bistro menu, but the taste also changes regularly. From the left, banana ice sundae, strawberry soft, and apple soft.
I 'm interested in lemon soft now, but I haven't eaten it yet.

Of course, it's not as smooth as Ministop's ice cream, but it's delicious enough. After all banana is the creamiest.

The drink bar costs 100 yen , and if there are plenty of seats, we can relax.
* The sweets in the photo are not for sale now.

The Harajuku store has a special menu and is very rich in veggie babs .
I'll go when the covid-19 calms down, but I'm worried because there are too many menus.

Along with IKEA, I also ate Burger King 's plant-based hopper. I tried it at two stores, but the taste also differs depending on the store.
The Minami-Funabashi store was very delicious with a savory charcoal, but is the Ichikawa store a little overcooked? The meat was harder.
It's American size, so I'm full with this one.

It was after IKEA, so if you heard that it was plant-based and thought it was vegan, I learned later that it was actually a vegetarian so please be careful.

By the way, I noticed that the buns used in IKEA were pretty junk , so I can't eat them anymore. Suspicious flour, shortening, glucose-fructose liquid sugar, what I avoid is an on-parade.
Sausages It's still better, but I wonder why are they using it like those junk ingredients ...

Actually, plain veggie dogs 80 yen!!!
There is a reason why it is cheap.
I think it's good for eating occasionally, but be careful not to overeat just because it's cheap.
Before I saw the ingredients, I ate it normally (lol)
It was 110 yen with fried onion and pickled red cabbage as a topping.

Luckily, the other day, the cup ramen was on sale for half the price! !!
It would be nice if you could buy it for 99 yen.

The rest is the lasagna I want to eat.
It's sold out every time when I go, so I can't eat it easily...
When I thought about it, the people in the back were ordering it, and when I looked closely, it wasTAKE OUTnotSOLD OUT! lol I'm avoiding flour now, so I don't know when to eat it, but if I eat it, I'll upload it again ♪

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